Air Freight Forwarder China with better shipping rate

Air Freight Forwarder China with better shipping rate

  • Competitive air freight based on many BSA(blocked space agreement) price with airlines
  • Guarantee the cargo space even in the peak season
  • Choose the most suitable airport based on your supplier’s factory and goods commodity
  • Pick up service in any city
  • Hazardous goods shipping and fresh goods shipping
  • Rich experience for large size goods shipping

Normal Goods by air Shipping from China

We can provide competitive air freight based on our BSA(blocked space agreement) price with airlines, we can choose the best airline service for the client’s required transit time.

Out of Gauge Goods by Air Shipping from China

For some large size or overweight shipment goods, We have rich experience to operate by air, meanwhile, we can provide the best solution and good price for customers.

Hazardous Goods by Air Shipping from China

Besides normal goods, there are many Hazardous goods that need air service in the logistics market, actually, it is difficult to handle, but We have enough experience and confidence to operate Hazardous goods by air shipping from China.

Air Freight Shipping from China : The Complete Guide

Are you considering expanding your boundaries to the international market?

Well, you had to, at some point. At least, that is a good indicator as far as business growth and success is concerned.

That said, I bet you’ve considered air freight shipping as a means of getting your products to consumers. Awesome decision!

Here is why;

AirfreightDELTA Plane taking off from the airport shipping is unlike any other form of shipping method.

First of all, it is fast, convenient and allows you to reach a broader range of the market.

DELTA Plane taking off from the airport

Besides, it is one of the ways that businesses are using to make money and scale up the global economy, today.

With that in mind, I think it would be best if you first learn all that surrounds air freight shipping.

This way you’ll be able to know which way you should go when it comes to adapting air freight shipping to your business’s specific needs.

Chapter 1: Bansar Air Freight Forwarding Service

The truth is, air freight shipping has become the go-to means of getting products to international markets.

China is currently among the top 3 exporting nations in the world.

This means that millions of containers leave the country with goods to different destinations across the globe.

With this fact, it is easy to tell, that there are very many freight forwarding companies in China.

Photo Credits: World Atlas

There so many freight forwarders in China that you may end up spending more time making a choice.

More time than you would spend waiting for your goods to arrive at the port.

Here is something you should know; confusion is synonymous with situations where there are numerous products to choose from.

In this case, choosing any particular freight shipping service provider in China can be quite challenging.

So to avoid all the hassle and challenges that selecting a freight forwarder involves, it is wise that you be clear on one thing-finding a partner, not just a company to ship your products.

When I say partner, I mean US-CHINA-SHIPPING.


US-CHINA-SHIPPING is a partner, a reliable and affordable one for that matter.

This is a freight forwarder that will ensure your freight is shipped from China using the best airline.

They will also ensure the proper handling of your goods from departure to delivery.

Need more convincing?

Of the many advantages that US-CHINA-SHIPPING offers you as a shipping partner, the following will genuinely woo you.

1. Better Shipping Rates

US-CHINA-SHIPPING offers some of the best freight shipping rates in China.

Unlike most shipping companies, we at US-CHINA-SHIPPING are committed to ensuring that our customers enjoy reliable, affordable, and fast services.

We understand that the key to good customer relationships is ensuring that customers enjoy competitive rates as well as quality service.

This means that customers have to get value for their money which is precisely what US-CHINA-SHIPPING has in mind for you.

So when considering any of our air freight shipping services, don’t ever worry about how much you’ll end up spending.

Instead, be confident of the kind of services we will offer.

We guarantee that you’ll get absolute value for your money when you choose to partner with us.

Oh, and there is more!

Yes, repeat customers do get incentives or should I say discounts hard to resist?

Well, you may have to consider that fact too.

2. More airlines to choose

As you would expect from an ideal shipping company, we have service contracts with numerous companies (reliable).

From CK, EK, SQ among others that you’ll soon find out.

This should assure you of our commitment to ensuring that your products reach your desired destination in their best form and the fastest means possible.

Different airlines

With us, you don’t have to worry about not being able to get your products to a particular country or destination.

We can ship your products anywhere you want, anywhere in the world.

You don’t have to beat your head about this fact.

We have the right mechanisms and procedures in place to ensure that every detail is carried out accordingly.

Also, we will choose the best port of departure for your goods depending on your shipping schedule.

This way, you can be sure that we will facilitate the transportation of your products in a timely and safe manner.

3. Free Warehousing

US-CHINA-SHIPPING understands how warehouse charges can be crazy.

Finding these warehouses that can guarantee the safety and proper handling of your goods is also another challenge.

Remember that the warehouse owner is in to make a profit.

Not many of them are mindful of your need for affordability or reliability.

Warehousing before shipping

US-CHINA-SHIPPING understands this, and that is why we offer free warehouse spaces to our customers for 20-30 days.

So you don’t have to worry about the safety of your goods anymore.

I mean, as much as we hate to brag, we just can’t ignore the fact that US-CHINA-SHIPPING is the best regarding shipping services in China.

We have everything needed to handle any shipping.

From dry container shipping to bulk cargo shipping, we can handle all these and more.

We have a professional team that is experienced in out of gauge as well as operating block train shipping.

US-CHINA-SHIPPING is your one-stop-shop for all your air freight shipping needs.

We are that fast, reliable, and affordable partner you should be looking for.

B US-CHINA-SHIPPING Air Freight Shipping Service Details

At this point, I know you are wondering what service packages we are offering.

Well, here they are;

1. Customs, product classification, and paperwork

In all honesty, product shipping isn’t something to take lightly.

This is something that may make or break your business.

It is something that can create a difference between good or bad customer relationships.

In other words, this is something that has to be given the best attention.

With this in mind, note that there are a lot of things that come into play when it comes to shipping products from China to international markets.

Keeping tabs on all these elements and ensuring that every detail is taken care of can be difficult for someone who is not in the business of freight forwarding.

We know this, and that is why as part of our service package, we offer custom, product classification, and paperwork services.

We have been in the freight forwarding business for a considerable amount of time, over ten years now.

Through these years, we have gained immense experience on what needs to be done and what not regarding product shipping using air freight.

This experience, I must say, helps us significantly in ensuring efficient service delivery to our customers.

The best part is that our company has a professional team of individuals who are knowledgeable of custom rules and regulations.

This enables us to conduct proper product classification and paperwork.

It also helps us to conduct smooth and quick customs clearance of shipments.

We will handle all your paperwork and customs clearance.

2. Pick up service

Besides facilitating the transportation of goods from China to your contracted destination, We also offer pick-up services.

Our staff will go to your factory or wherever the goods are located and ensure that every detail regarding size, weight, volume, and packaging are in order.

They will take videos and pictures if need be just to make sure that you are on board with operations.

Once every detail is verified, we will take the goods from where they are, factory, or wherever and then take them to the airport or our warehouse until the date of departure.

3. Door to door delivery service

For someone who is entirely new to air freight forwarding processes, shipping large consignments can be fraught with obstacles.

It is a process that can be not only needless expensive but also frustrating and outright confusing especially if door-to-door delivery is needed.

Door to door delivery

It doesn’t matter whether you are exporting, moving overseas, or shipping your new entrepreneurial ventures’ first batch of products, door to door freight shipping does not have to be expensive or frustrating.

We have all the mechanisms you need to cover all your logistics needs.

By partnering with us, you can be guaranteed to reduce the cost of both money and stress while shipping your goods.

Take this scenario for example;

What happens when you order products as an end consumer?

Well, first before the delivery of the products at your doorstep, it had to come from the manufacturer overseas to a port in that country where it shipped either by ocean, surface, or air to where you are.

The shipment then likely traveled from the port to a centrally located warehouse before it was shipped yet again to your location and then delivered to your local address.

Taking this in mind, logistics is a complicated process.

It involves numerous factors and freight providers.

Because of all this, air freight shipping requires integrating information from many different sources.

It involves handling and packaging goods as well as brokering a relay team of air freight companies to handle each shipment.

Besides, the process involves security measure that ensures your consignment is safe from any risks.

I mean the whole process is too complicated for an unfamiliar fellow to handle.

That is why we take the responsibility of ensuring that your consignment is shipped to your contracted address and also delivered to every one of your given customers.

We primarily provide as much as or as little service as you are comfortable with.

So do you want to maintain control of your operations to some extent?

We can help you optimize and streamline your processes to cut costs and increase order fulfillment.

4. Goods insurance

Accidents do happen.

They are quite inevitable in freight shipping.

Imagine everything your consignment has to go through to get from the factory to the end-user, isn’t it just incredible that it arrives at all?

Ideally, cargo planes battle intense, life-threatening weather, pests on board, theft, among other risks.

Plane accident – Photo Credits: ASN News

To be able to survive all this, comprehensive insurance is an integral part of your business’s total investment.

We provide goods insurance to our customers.

Our insurance covers are at all-time effective which guarantees you that your goods will arrive in one piece irrespective of the occurrence.

5. Provide air waybill in time

It is essential to be sure that your consignment has been booked for transportation and that it will arrive at your contracted destination as scheduled.

An airway bill, in this case, is some kind of receipt acknowledging all these facts.

It shows the destination, shipper, and every other detail concerning the consignment.

Sample of Waybill

In other words, it is evidence of the contract of the carriage and is vital to fast-tracking the shipment.

We know how important having this document is to you and your investments.

Therefore, we do our due diligence to ensure that you get the air waybill on time to help you fast-track your shipment with ease.


When you choose to use air freight to ship goods from China, make sure that you are familiar with the terms, processes, costs, requirements, and risks of air freight shipping.

This knowledge is very essential to ensure efficient air cargo delivery.

Note that in today’s shipping industry, it is not enough that you are dedicating time and money to get your goods shipped from one port to the next.

You should strive to know what the process of shipping involves, what will be required of you, how much money you will possibly spend, the possible risk of air shipping;

you can mitigate these risks and associated losses and such like things.

You should also strive to get the most value for your money by partnering with a reliable and efficient air freight forwarder.

US-CHINA-SHIPPING in this regard can offer you a wide variety of air shipping services at affordable costs.

Well, this is the end of our excellent guide dear readers.

At this point, I can only hope that I was able to make you an expert in air freight forwarding.

In case of any questions, concerns, or compliments, feel free to drop them in the comment sections.

You can also share this guide with other people that you think will value the information herein.


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