China Customs Clearance

China Customs Clearance

  • Professionals in product classification.
  • Familiar with Chinese customs policy.
  • Handle all the paperwork.
  • Suitable times for customs clearance.
  • Handle all types of goods.


Some suppliers in China do have not have enough experience to do the paperwork for the customs clearance, US-CHINA-SHIPPING can do paperwork professionally for suppliers or you, and this service is free for you.

Product Classification

Everyone knows the product Classification is very important in shipping link, it decides how smoothly the shipment goods through the Customs, include the accurate HS code, how to do the customs clearance based on different goods, US-CHINA-SHIPPING have a professional team to do this work well.

Customs Clearance in China

US-CHINA-SHIPPING is very familiar with China’s customs policy and we also have a professional team to do the customs clearance, trust Basar for this logistic link.

Customs Clearance in Destination Port

Besides customs clearance in China, US-CHINA-SHIPPING also can do the customs clearance in the destination port, we have branches or good agent partners almost in every country to handle the door-to-door service of your goods.

Customs Clearance: The Complete Guide

If you’re importing from China, then knowing customs regulations and procedures is a must for you.


It will save you a lot of time and money.

Remember, if you don’t comply with the customs regulations, you cannot import from China.

And, today’s guide covers everything you need to know about China customs clearance.

From customs clearance basics, procedures, duties, prohibited items to importation documents, amongst others.

So, by the end of this guide, you will be an expert in China customs clearance.

Chapter 1: BanSar China Custom Clearance

US-CHINA-SHIPPING is a leading freight forwarder you can count on when shipping from China.

For any shipping goods from China or to China, customs clearance is one of the most important in the logistic chain, it decides whether the shipment goods can be delivered smoothly or not.

US-CHINA-SHIPPING can handle the whole customs clearance process very well.

With US-CHINA-SHIPPING, you don’t have to worry about:

 i. Warehousing – we offer you free warehousing for up to 30 days.

ii. Shipping container – you can use our containers for 28 days

iii. Whether you want, LCL, FCL, Reefer, Out-of-gauge, or door-to-door shipping from China, US-CHINA-SHIPPING offers exactly that.

iv. BanSar helps you to choose from ocean freight, air freight, rail freight, or truck shipping from China

And, the best part?

Worry no more about customs clearance from China to any destination in the world.

US-CHINA-SHIPPING handles all customs clearance for you.

Whether you want a partner who can handle:

i. Paperwork and documentation

ii. Product classification – i.e., consumer or industrial products

iii. Customs clearance in China, or

iv. Customs clearance at the port of destination,

US-CHINA-SHIPPING will handle everything for you.

We have offices in the main cities in China such as Shanghai, Shenzhen, Xiamen, Ningbo, etc.

Thus, US-CHINA-SHIPPING meets the unique requirements of your shipping needs.

Feel free to talk to us today, and we solve all your problems.

That aside:

Now, let me take you a step further and discuss the basics of customs clearance in China.

Chapter 2: Customs Clearance Basics

Well, importing from China is becoming popular among various business peoples all over the world.

This ever-increasing interest has necessitated the Chinese customs authority to come up with various policies to guide the entire process.

Importantly though, as an importer, you need to grasp some basic knowledge and understanding of customs clearance basics from China.

And that’s precisely what you’re going to learn in this guide.

First, though, let’s look at some of the points that we want to cover in this section;

  • What is customs clearance?
  • How custom clearance affects importing from China
  • Why a Freight Forwarder Should Handle Custom Clearance
  • Roles of Customs Brokers during Custom Clearance in China
  • How to Increase Efficiency of China Custom Clearance

With that summary, let’s dive right in:

2.1. What is Customs Clearance?

Custom clearance generally refers to documented authorization for passing goods to enter or leave a specific country.

It’s the national customs authority of a particular country that is responsible for granting this permission often through shipping agents.

Customs clearance

Primarily, it involves putting the agent into the task of proving that all respective custom duties have been paid and shipment approved.

So, what do I mean here?

Custom clearance work is to execute policies and present the paperwork necessary for facilitating the importation and exportation of goods.

On most occasions, it’s the shipping agents that often represent you during customs assessment and payment of duty.

The agents also help to co-take the shipment from customs immediately after its clearance is over alongside the applicable documents.

In a nutshell, that’s what custom clearance generally means and entails.

2.2. How Custom Clearance Affects Importing from China

Let’s get straight to the point;

Custom’s official procedure is always simple and straightforward.

But some issues beyond control may cause a wide range of delays.

China customs

This can either be at the port of loading or even at the destination port.

In most such instances, it could be as a result of questionable documents.

So you’ll realize that the Chinese government provides suppliers with export rebates ranging from 0% to 17%.

At times, these rebates contribute a considerable share of the profit margin than the one you obtain from direct sales.

Other producers would at times also claim the wrong HS code.

The intention, in this case, would be to attain optimum rebate income, which technically is a form of fraud.

On other occasions, some officials would enter the wrong HS codes either accidentally or because they are doubtful.

What I’m trying to imply here?

Several issues emanating from paperwork errors often cause custom clearance delays.

So what’s the bottom line?

It is necessary to ensure that you import goods from companies that understand the export process.

But if you’re not sure of the capability and experience of the manufacturer regarding export knowledge, seek a reliable forwarder.

This should be a little bit easy for you especially if the forwarder understands and has experience in that particular product.

Typically, customs in the importing nation lays more emphasis on goods coming in than countries in the customs of export.

COSCO Shipping Lines

But you should also note that some containers the customs select for inspection tend to vary considerably.

Random inspection intensity is dependent on fundamental occasions in the importing country.

You see, some of them may need additional shipment monitoring as a result of security risks in the relevant department,

The intention of customs inspections is also to avert issues surrounding intellectual property.

This includes the importation of patented or trademarked goods.

2.3 Why Freight Forwarder Should Handle Custom Clearance

This is also another ideal piece of information that you need to have as an importer from China.

In fact, this is something you need to consider deliberately especially if you’re importing bulk goods.

So to start with, who is a freight forwarder?

It refers to an agent that the exporter uses to aid them in transporting cargo to a particular foreign country.

In some cases, a freight forwarder can double up as part of your logistics plan.

Mostly, a freight forwarder is always available as a company.

You may find some individuals who also offer such services especially if you’re a small-scale importer.

The benefit is that a freight forwarder helps exporters to prepare the price quotes the costs.

They also deal with handling fees among others.

Freight forwarder would also advise you on the suitable packing methods for goods in the container.

Moreover, a freight forwarder handles additional services that are part of the international shipping business i.e.

  • Insurance
  • Customs documentation -a freight forwarder provides to consolidators as well as individual shippers.
  • Nonvessel operating common carrier documentation
  • Bill of lading
  • Risk assessments and management
  • Warehousing
  • Methods of international payment.

A freight forwarder will always insist on personal communication and more exceptional customer service.

2.4 Role of Customs Brokers during Customs Clearance in China

Like I’d mentioned earlier, customs clearance is a process.

It can be intensive or straightforward depending on your paperwork and knowledge of the process.

So you’ll find that the entire procedure can be seamless, irrespective of the goods you’re importing depending on the input of the customs broker.

What I try to insinuate here is that a customs broker plays a vitally significant role in the whole process.

Customs broker – Photo courtesy: Flat World

Well before we discuss much information, let’s first find figure out who a customs broker is.

Mostly, this could be an individual or company that has been authorized to carry out customs business on behalf of traders.

The primary role of a customs broker is to advise you on the possible effective mode of clearing the shipment.

This, of course, has to be within the regulations of, and other policies revolving around customs entry.

At the same time, the broker also provides an approximate landed cost for cargo that enters the country.

Now, let’s move to another significant aspect when it comes to importing from China.

2.5 How to Improve Efficiency in Customs Clearance in China

Let’s not sugarcoat this element;

The truth is that no business person would wish to be taken rounds with endless referrals when importing goods.

It is often an irritating feeling which at times can raise emotive issues that might be unnecessary at that moment.

But the truth is:

These are always a result of inefficiency or communication breakdown somewhere in between.

Well, it’s vital to know that improving efficiency in customs clearance when importing from China can be straightforward.

Most definitely, this depends on the means you choose to pursue and whether or not you comply with specific clearance regulations.

Here are some of the proper ways that you can use to attain efficiency in customs clearance;

i. Proper Packaging and Loading

One of the leading causes of delays at customs clearance is improper packaging and loading of the items.


It is something that must be done by experts.

You may end up saving considerable cost and time by seeking the services of respective professionals.

Packaging copper-nickel pipes

But then, you need to understand that the Chinese customs authority have provision for packaging depending on the type of goods.

So generally, you must ensure that you package your shipment accordingly to prevent unnecessary inconveniences.

ii. Provide Accurate and Complete Information About Imports

Again, you have to ensure that all the shipping documents match the contents of the container and other related elements.

The moment the customs officials will find any sort of mismatch then it will be another issue altogether.

Remember this isn’t even a matter of whether the error could be accidental or deliberate.

And in some instances depending on the gravity of the error, you can pay hefty fines.

Of course, this is an unwarranted inconvenience because you tend to lose more than you gain.

Chinese customs officials inspecting goods

China inspection and quarantine authorities usually issue rules regarding the regulations procedure.

The intention is always to improve the effectiveness of China’s custom clearance.

What happens is that the procedure rules typically require the relevant authorities to comply strictly with the statutory time limits.

Of course, this is to guide the seamless completion of the procedures with the aim of improving the customs clearance efficiency.

Normally the process is lengthy and time-consuming.

This is due to the high random check rate and a lack of regulatory guidance as to how the detailed procedures were determined.

This creates hurdles that increase the overall efficiency in customs clearance for products imported from China.

Usually, the full inspection and quarantine may include;

  • Accept application
  • Review
  • Inspection
  • Quarantine
  • Quarantine treatment
  • Overall assessment
  • Goods release
  • Archive

For a particular product, determining detailed inspection and quarantine procedures is on the basis of the product’s nature.

Imports not subjected to random sampling will be directly released provided a written compliance record.

iii. Another Way to Improve Efficiency is to Adjust to the Random Sampling Ratio

If you’re an importer and you fail to maintain a good compliance record with AQCIQ.

Random sampling ratios may also be increased if there is evidence that products may pose a high risk to health or safety concerns.

iv. Specification of Strict Timelines is Another Way to Increase Efficiency

Under the new rules, the relevant authorities must comply with the specified timelines for different types of products for each kind of inspection and quarantine process.

Accepting an application and reviewing an application process must be completed within half working a day.

For most products, the realization of onsite inspection is compulsory within one working day.

Additionally, laboratory inspection should also be within seven working days.

In general, the expectation is products to clear inspection and quarantine within one working day.

And therefore, here are some of the general observations;

The echoing of cross-border e-commerce growth in China necessitates ideal measures for inspection and quarantine of goods.

Ideally, AQSIQ is putting all appropriate measures towards enhancing efficiency in clearing goods that you import from China.

It happens that the overall regulatory trend is to make cross-border e-commerce conform to legal requirements for the traditional importation model.


As you can see, China’s custom clearance process can be an overwhelming procedure.

Of course, this is due to the number of documents and procedures you will have to undergo.

However, you don’t have to worry about it.

You can hire a freight forwarder who will handle the process for you.

Basically, a freight forwarder will make importing from China a simple and easy process.

And, US-CHINA-SHIPPING is your caring and listening partner when it comes to China customs clearance.

Contact us today, and will help you in every custom clearance procedure.


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